What is Fifty Works for Fifty States?

The Vogel 50x50 site brings together 2,500 contemporary artworks that were distributed throughout the nation as part of The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States gift. Currently, 2,612 of 2,500 artworks have been published on the site, and more are continuously added. Come back often to see what’s new!

Dorothy and Herbert Vogel at The Clocktower with a drawing by Philip Pearlstein behind them, 1975. Photograph by Nathaniel Tileston. © Nathaniel Tileston, 2008.

In Memoriam
Herbert Vogel
August 16, 1922–July 22, 2012

Who are the Vogels? Why do they collect?

Herbert Vogel (1922–2012), spent most of his working life as a postman, and Dorothy Vogel (born 1935), was a reference librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library. Setting their collecting priorities above those of personal comfort, the couple devoted Herbert’s salary to the acquisition of contemporary art. What they may have lacked in material wealth was more than matched by their knowledge and passion for art, their delight in discovering new work, and their commitment to particular artists whose work moved them.

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