Stewart Hitch

American, 1940–2002

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Hitch received his bachelor and master of fine arts degrees at the University of Nebraska. By 1968 he had moved to New York City and begun to develop a personal style that fused geometric abstraction with saturated stained color. His first solo show was in 1975 at the Robert Freidus Gallery, and he participated in Barbara Rose’s 1979 exhibition American Painting: The Eighties at Grey Art Gallery, New York University. Hitch received grants from the Gottlieb Foundation, the Tiffany Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Hitch absorbed influences from graffiti and Abstract Expressionism. For years his paintings featured a central starburst shape, related to the stretcher bars of the canvas.

Heather Campbell Coyle, Delaware Art Museum, January 2010
All works by Stewart Hitch

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