Photo by Lyle Peterzell

Going Dotty

Sculpture: acrylic on wood construction
23 x 16 3/4 x 6 1/8 in.
Date: 1981

Wendy Lehman’s brightly painted sculptures are made from small line drawings that she fabricates into three-dimensional objects with the help of carpenters or metal smiths. Usually presented at a larger scale, Lehman’s sculptures, often made of wood or aluminum, are playful and carefully considered translations of the intuitive process of her drawing. In this work the exuberant gesture of the artist’s hand is deftly captured in the sculpture’s abstract shape.

All works by Wendy Lehman
RISD Museum, Rhode Island School of Design
Accession: 2009.59.16
  • The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Rhode Island. RISD Museum, Providence, Rhode Island, July 20, 2012 – December 2, 2012.

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