Photo by Lyle Peterzell


Drawing: pastel and graphite on paper
11 x 14 in.
Date: 1972

Small, delicate, and nearly monochromatic, this drawing is typical of the artist’s images of animals, the subject with which she was most strongly associated. She spent hours at zoos, observing and sketching animals, relying on line to convey their essential character. In an artist’s statement, Cooke wrote about drawing cats: “The cats are difficult as they have few bones, almost like a sponge…To give them body is very difficult with failures very often.”

All works by Kathleen Cooke
Cats and Turtles
Cats, lions, animals, feline, white, beige, monochrome, zoo
Delaware Art Museum
Accession: 2008-30
  • Painting, Drawing and Sculpture of the '60s and '70s from the Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection. Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 7, 1975 – November 18, 1975.

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