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Apparatus Lamp, R.M. Fischer, Sculpture, New Mexico Museum of Art, Museum of New Mexico
Doctor's Lamp, R.M. Fischer, Sculpture, Boise Art Museum
Halo Lamp, R.M. Fischer, Sculpture, Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Walnut Tree Orchard Set L, Charles Gaines, Photograph, The Arkansas Arts Center
Untitled, Joseph White, Drawing, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas
Untitled, Martin Wong, Painting, The Speed Art Museum
Ceramic Pictures of Korean Paintings: "Cypress", Betty Woodman, Drawing, Portland Art Museum [Oregon]
Garden Corner, Betty Woodman, Sculpture, High Museum of Art
Intial drawing for "Aeolian Pyramid", Betty Woodman, Drawing, Montclair Art Museum
Untitled (in shape of urn), Betty Woodman, Sculpture, Portland Art Museum [Oregon]
Untitled (Korea), Betty Woodman, Sculpture, Columbia Museum of Art
Scissors Jack Series, Larry Zox, Drawing, Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Big Junk, Joe Zucker, Drawing, University of Wyoming Art Museum
Candle, Joe Zucker, Relief Sculpture, Delaware Art Museum