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Robert Barry

American, Born 1938

Born in New York, Barry received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Hunter College. His first solo exhibition was in 1964 at the Westerly Gallery in New York. That same year Barry was included in Eight Young Artists at the Hudson River Museum and in 1966, in the Systemic Painting exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum. Considered one of the founders of Conceptual art, Barry was included—along with Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, and Lawrence Weiner—in both the 1969 “January” show organized by Seth Siegelaub and the first museum exhibition of this work, Information, at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1970. Based on exhibition history, Conceptual art has been more readily accepted internationally and it is perhaps for this reason that Barry has exhibited primarily in Europe and England.

Delaware Art Museum, January 2010
All works by Robert Barry
To Have It About You: The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection

I-80 Series: Robert Barry. Omaha, NE: Joslyn Art Museum, 1980.

4 x 7 selections from the Vogel collection. Wayne, NJ: Ben Shahn Center for the Visual Arts, Department of Art, William Paterson College, 1981.

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