Sketchbook (12 Drawings)

Volume/Portfolio: Mixed media on paper
17 1/4 x 12 in. (each sheet)
Date: 1990

The Vogels were first attracted to Daryl Trivieri’s work because of his facility with a ballpoint pen and airbrush, both unusual and unforgiving drawing tools. Trivieri achieved a wide variety of line and tone quality in both media. His use of airbrush, which creates a soft, blurry effect, is perfect for creating the dreamy, surreal effect in his works. Similarly, his ballpoint drawings are acutely descriptive, portraying fantastical hybrid animals, often seemingly in the process of transformation from one species to another.

All works by Daryl Trivieri
RISD Museum, Rhode Island School of Design
Accession: 2009.59.37
  • The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Rhode Island. RISD Museum, Providence, Rhode Island, July 20, 2012 – December 2, 2012.

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