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Caryatid, Bryan Hunt, Drawing, University Museum, Southern Illinois University
Drawing on Drawing (formerly "Airship"), Bryan Hunt, Drawing, Boise Art Museum
Quarry Study, Bryan Hunt, Drawing, The Speed Art Museum
untitled, Bryan Hunt, Drawing, Montclair Art Museum
Untitled, Will Insley, Painting, High Museum of Art
Art Works, Stephen Kaltenbach, Drawing, University of Alaska Museum of the North
Eye Disguise: Mirror Coated Contact Lense, Stephen Kaltenbach, Drawing, Weatherspoon Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
God gave Noah the rainbow sign: No More Water, The Fire Next Time, Stephen Kaltenbach, Drawing, Yellowstone Art Museum
The Rainbow Sign, Stephen Kaltenbach, Drawing, Yellowstone Art Museum
Popular Wall Painting (after Ken), Annette Lemieux, Drawing, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art