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  • Cats and Turtles
  • The Vogels keep cats and turtles as pets. Their affection for these animals has permeated their collection.

  • Heather Campbell Coyle, Delaware Art Museum
Untitled, Kathleen Cooke, Drawing, Delaware Art Museum
Cat, Anne Arnold, Drawing, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Study of Birman Cat, Daryl Trivieri, Painting, Columbia Museum of Art
Untitled (Study for Mother and Child Reading), Will Barnet, Drawing, Delaware Art Museum
Map Turtle, Daryl Trivieri, Painting, Delaware Art Museum
Untitled (Turtle), Michael Lucero, Sculpture, Academy Art Museum
Untitled (Vogel living room drawn from memory), John Salt, Drawing, Akron Art Museum
The Vogel's Napkinian Fantasy, Lil Picard, Collage, New Orleans Museum of Art
Untitled, Will Barnet, Drawing, Miami Art Museum
Untitled, (Turtle), Michael Lucero, Miami Art Museum